Governor of hormozgan due to the workers

The role of workers will play a historic role in the year of growth .

The role of workers will play a historic role in the year of growth .
The governor of hormozgan due to the fact that workers are on the front of the economic front line against the enemy , said that in the year the production of production will also be the role of the workers in spite of sanctions and economic pressures .


Al - hemati at the 30th Festival of appreciation for the workers , labor group and production units of the province of hormozgan , added that the enemies of this system are always aimed at preventing peace and creating new problems for the people of Iran , which will make more efforts to cross the harsh conditions this year due to the title " prosperity of production " .

He pointed out that our enemies would reject any attempt to defeat us : the latest and most important blow that the enemy could import to Iran was a boycott of Iranian oil , which is currently in the process of crossing the problem , and the society of workers has always been with an increasing number of problems and transformations .

 " This year , it will still have to raise the dignity of the country , as in the time of holy defence and imposing sanctions , " hemati continued , noting that this year will be a special year for our country because of the existing problems .

fortunately , with the measures taken for aluminium workers , the governor of hormozgan province said that with the measures we have been considering , we were able to prevent problems such as the problems that arose for the seven hills .

 " The existing conditions are very important and difficult , " he said , saying that the existing conditions of working conditions are very important and that the government is currently forced to moderate the force , so we have stressed the need for social security to be paid in time if a number of workers are left jobless .

all people , officials , journalists and media should try to encourage investors from inside and outside the country to work in the province as much as possible and unemployment is lower and lower , hemati said .

 "All the people and the authorities are kind of worker because they are always serving and we can say this is our business ," he said .

Apr 30, 2019 10:04


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