hormozgan people 's representative on wages and job security of workers

hormozgan people 's representative on wages and job security of workers
a representative of the hormozgan people 's assembly in the islamic consultative assembly said one of the main demands of workers is providing job security and paying paid claims to pay attention .

the worker will pay their salaries and benefits in the first place and then more important than all the need for job security that any official who can create such security in the guise of the islamic republic can claim to serve in society , said ahmed moradi at the festival of gratitude from hormozgan workers .

he points out the importance of this group , pointing out that he was named labour day in the world . of course , islam has been of importance since the beginning …

the work law comes from the islamic school and has been adopted to protect the workers , but there are defects that have not been resolved , moradi stressed .

members of the labour commission of the islamic consultative assembly affirmed that our workers need a good legal protection and that no one comes out of this act according to their opinion and wants to convict labor .

the government owes it to the social security agency , which would solve the problems of housing , health and recreation if it returned to the social security fund .

the government owed $ 700,000 to contractors who fail to settle the pressure on the workers so that the house has tasked the government to settle 85 % of its debts per year , moradi noted .

at the end , he stressed , " workers are not concerned about the rise in the prices of energy carriers because in the 2010 budget , no price rises in the field of energy carriers have been given to the government .





Apr 30, 2019 10:01


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